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I create for you custom portraits where you can customise more than just who will be on the picture. 

What it is about?

Vianek (polish "wianek") is a word describing a flower coronet and it is an important part of my culture and tradition. Vianek was an equivalent of a ring on weddings, it was a symbol of purity and innocence when made of fresh plants and flowers, and also was a magic object protecting from the evil powers while made of proper herbs.

Only unmarried girls and women were able to wear vianek, and while they wanted to reject a boy they were giving them one made of dry grass and hay. 

Flower coronets were symbols which I wanted to add to my customised portrait to give them a beautiful touch and a bit of a meaning. 

Why would I order a portrait?

A custom portrait is a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, holiday greeting cards, weddings, Mother's Day, and in fact whatever will come to your mind. 

What you can customise:

1. People on the portrait - it can be a family portrait, a couple, a mom with

    child, you and your pet.

2. Clothes - can be a modern style or folk or traditional old clothes

3. Flowers - you can add to a coronet your own choice of flowers. They can

    be choose by their meaning or just because you like them. Meaning is not

    made up by me, but based on old slavic culture.

4. Background - can be bright or dark

5. Text - your own up to 10 words or just typical "Happy Birthday" or "Happy

    Mother's Day", you can also add names of portrayed people.

How to customise and order:

Explore more, step by step below, have fun with creating your own portrait and send me details. 

Step 1 - picture

I need picture of people for the portrait. The photo should be: good quality, from front or half profile (unless you want to be portrayed from profile, then go ahead :)), and people must have take most of the space in the photo. A little silhouette on a big background won't work. Remember also about the lightning - the photo can't be too dark or too bright.

You can also add a pet/pets to your portrait!

na www 1.png

Step 2 - background

You can choose between bright and dark. I will choose the colour basing on what flowers you will choose so everything will work nicely. Unless you have some very specific request :) 

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Step 3 - clothes

Choose your clothes - you can ask for either modern normal clothes we are wearing everyday or you can go with folklore/traditional clothes. 

If you will choose folk/traditional:

you can go with slavic style or the style from your culture. Just don't forget to tell me which culture it is ;) 

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Step 4 - flowers

On the sample you can see poppy flower which is very typical for my culture. But you can choose from more then just that. You can also add herbs if you like to give your portrait protective meaning :) 

You can choose up to 4. (eg 2 herbs 2 flowers. 3 flowers 1 herb, 4 flowers etc.)

Poppy Flower - Mak Polny (Papaver rhoeas)

In many culture consider as flower of death, however in slavic believes it was slightly different. Poppy is a symbol of connection with the afterlife, (using in burial ceremonies), but it was also a protection from witches and ghosts. 

Pasqueflower - Sasanka (Pulsatilla vulgaris)

A flower consider as magic, was gathered by witches in the night. It has double nature as it can be a medicine (from black death, but also from ulcers, scabies, impetigo, blindness, insomnia and more). When kids had nightmares parent were putting sasanka under their pillows.

But this flower can also be toxic while used in the wrong way. 

You can choose a colour as sasanka can occur in few different colours.

Still work in progress

That is the most demanding part and I am still working on the research and illustrations, please give me few more days and it will be ready to choose :) For now in the offer is poppy flower (mak) and pasque-flower (sasanka)